Why The Uncommon Canadian?

Sep 1, 2023

Just so readers are aware, below was written in 2007 and now look where we are today, with World Events. Myself and others were ridiculed back then and still get ridiculed today with sharing information. I must say, I and others, have an impeccable track record of the things We have shared, coming to fruition and Truth/Facts being exposed. With todays technology, being ignorant is no longer an excuse, it’s a choice!

(Below was written in 2007)
For many years now, I have been educating myself on various issues regarding, our health system, the banking system, political corruption and most importantly, the everyday stripping of our God Give and Constitutional Rights by the so called and exercising Powers To Be.

Why The Uncommon Canadian? Well just sit right back and I will tell you the reasoning for this blog.
Again, for many years now, I have tried numerous ways to educate many people on the real issues affecting society on a daily basis. Fortunately, a small handful of these same people actually took the time to educate themselves on the many issues you will read about on this blog. To be frank, I do not get my education and information from the everyday media as most do. However, the Shayne Doan controversy in the House of Commons (May 2, 2007), was the last straw for this (Uncommon) Canadian. With all the serious issues going on in this country at the time (The North American Union, Codex, 911, N.A.F.T.A, etc, etc, etc) which most have no idea about, I finally dug very deep inside of myself and came to a conclusion. People have to be educated and shame on the majority of our pathetic media. I can assure you the majority of the Media and Politicians in this country and the world, are not giving you the proper information. The only way I could do something and make a difference without running for Politics is this Blog. By the way, our media is another issue and I will get to that at another time.

My hope for this blog is to be a place where anyone can go to get the truth on what is going on in our world today. Whether you want to believe it or not, there is a small group of very powerful people in this world who have plans for a New World Order. The politicians of the world are only puppets to the Global Elite, The Bankers and The Corporations. And believe me when I say this, they are very close in implementing the final stages to dominate the world.

On a curious note. Do you ever wonder why the good decent people are never elected, or worse, the ones who do get elected, are often forced out and sometimes assassinated (Lincoln, JFK)? Do you ever ask yourself why there are so many problems in this world? Look at the people who are in Power. There are very few decent Politicians (people) out there who actually think about, or, actually care about the well being of the people who elected them. Unfortunately, when you become a Politician, you have to dance to the beat of the party, regardless of what you think. Call me crazy, but just take a quick look around at our society. The majority are very unhappy with what is going on, but, it still continues. You elect a different party, you get the same thing. Funny how that works. Take some time and research the difference between how much time and money was spent on the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal compared to the 911 lies and the death of thousands of human beings. You will be amazed (outraged) at the findings.

People, it is time to wake up. We owe it to our children, grandchildren, the world and ourselves, to protect what many people before us fought for and died for. Our Freedom!

I do not expect people to be as well connected to the different information sources as I am. With that said, on this blog will be a link to every website and organization I draw my information from. Unfortunately, what happens in the U.S.A, most often affects Canada & the World. That is the reasoning for so many U.S based articles.

Please share this blog with all you know. We can and will make a difference.
Education & Empowerment is the key.

Wishing you health & happiness
Bud Azzopardi – Founder
The Uncommon Canadian