Video – The Elites Are Hiding in Devos”

Jan 16, 2024

There’s a different feeling this year in Davos than in the last couple of years. The rich and powerful used to roam the streets freely without anyone paying them attention. Now, the number of independent journalists paying attention to the World Economic Forum has grown, and the attendees are far more skittish. The ones that do appear are trying to gaslight people about their records, from John Kerry saying he never flies by private jet and Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans downplaying the “individual carbon footprint tracker” he touted in Davos just two years ago.

True North’s Andrew Lawton discusses this and the latest as his live coverage of the World Economic Forum’s 2024 annual meeting continues.

Plus, Klaus Schwab says WEF attendees are the “trustees of the future.” Do you trust your future with them?