Video “Fentanyl For Minors Without Parents Consent”

Jan 22, 2024

B.C. government quietly approving free fentanyl for minors without requiring any parental consent?

The B.C. government has quietly been working with British Columbia Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) to create protocols, approve, and offer taxpayer-funded “safe supply” of fentanyl for minors under the age of 19 without requiring parental consent, according to a newly released National Post article.

The article states the organization has a contract with the B.C government and they told the outlet that the protocol was created “to further support clinicians prescribing safer supply across the province.”

The 67-page protocol, titled “Fentanyl Tablet (Maintenance Program) – Prescribed Safer Supply Protocols,” does not mention parents at all.

The protocol eligibility says that “For participants who are youth age <19 years, two-prescriber approval is strongly recommended.”

National Post journalist Adam Zivo says he was unaware of this protocol and approval until two concerned physicians brought it to his attention.

The only place The Canadian Independent could locate any mention of this protocol was on the BCCSU YouTube page back in August 2023, which only has 166 views on the video and links it to the 67-page protocol on the BCCSU website.

You can read the Fentanyl Tablet (Maintenance Program) – Prescribed Safer Supply Protocol at the link below.

You can see the BCCSU YouTube video at the link below.