Meme/Image “WTF Is Happening”

Jun 11, 2024

I will never be that Person that says, “I Told You So”, regardless of how much flack I get when I Post on Social Media.
I Post to hopefully make People think for themselves, not think like Me…. Ignorance is a Choice, just like being informed is a Choice.
The Covid 19 Man Made Pandemic, Collapsing of the Economy, Increased World Wide Debt and the forced confinement of Society throughout the World, is simply a Dress Rehearsal for things to come. Forced Vaccinations, One World Government, One Global Digital Currency and Micro Chips in Humans are no longer in the planning stages. It’s happening.
Still, 1000’s of Children die of Starvation every single day…
All you hear is Crickets !!!
It’s time Society got their Priorities in order !!!