Meme/Image “Success Is Not Always About The Financial Windfall”

Mar 25, 2024

Success in life is not always about the Financial Windfall !!! Success to me is being surrounded by Great Family & Friends, who are always there for each other, through the good times and not so good times !!! Success to Me, is reaching out to the Less Fortunate and always being there for the Under Dog… Success to me is never believing or thinking You are better than Anyone or Others, as we all have a story and different paths in life…. Success to me in Business, is building relationships that last for many years…
I am so glad for the many failures in life I have been through. It has brought me to the Person I am… the Person I enjoy being everyday and the Person I will always continue to be, no matter what Life throws at me, or, what untruths other People may speak of Me, which is out of my control.
The ultimate Success to me, is waking up everyday and thanking the Universe for another day… Doing the best I can for my Family & Friends… Always thinking about and Praying for my Family & Friends going through tough times….
Most importantly, I have realized that, “I AM NOT FOR EVERYONE”, and that’s O.K with Me.