Meme/Image “Rockefeller ~ Controlled Medicine”

May 4, 2024

“Not only do the boards of Memorial Sloan Kettering have
direct ties to the Rockefellers; they are also closely linked with
defense industries, the CIA, and chemical and drug firms. It is no
accident that they serve on the board of an institution whose
recommendations on cancer treatment mean literally billions in
profits to those who are in the right position to take advantage of
them. And you thought this was a charitable organization! The fact
is the Memorial Sloan Kettering and the American Cancer Society
are the principal organizational functionaries, with the American
Medical Association, of the Rockefeller Medical Monopoly. In
1944, the American Society for the Control of Cancer changed its
name to American Cancer Society; it was then placed in the hands
of two of the most notorious patent medicine hucksters in the United
States, Albert Lasker and Elmer Bobst.”

Special thanks to Stevie Edwards