Meme/Image “Poisoned By The Government 101”

Apr 11, 2024

It is strange and eerie feeling to come to the
realization that the very wealthy in the world, the
ones who control the media, governments, the
financial systems, education, Pharma
companies and technology are either knowingly
or unknowingly trying to kill us, and
simultaneously there are those beside us-our
friends, our family or our peers who can’t/won’t
see it and truiy believe that we’re the crazy ones.

Like it’s so weird to say, “They’re trying to kill us,” but they actually are. And it’s like this giant elephant casting a huge shadow over the entire world that some of us want to bring into the light and talk about and discuss and others totally deny its existence altogether.

Humanity is being split into different realities and it’s just so wild to witness.

Imagine a depopulation plan so diabolical and so perfect, you could literally pull it off without 90% of the herd even knowing what was going on? Or even better, get the herd to ignore their own fate and actively participate in it?

You are watching it in real time right now.