Meme/Image – “Pets In Heaven”

Jan 7, 2024

Pets in Heaven…..
They saw you watching over them
As they finally closed their eyes
They smelt your scent as they breathed
In and out for the last time
They heard the way your voice broke
As you told them they were loved
They felt you as you held them
With your gentle, farewell touch
And now they watch each morning
As you pass their empty bed
They watch you lose composure
And they see the tears you shed
They hear you bear the silence
Of the footsteps that are gone
That walk across your heart each day
Like echoes of a song
They feel the pang of emptiness
You get when you’re alone
In moments when you realise
That they’re never coming home
But in their darkest moment
You were there to hold them tight
And they just want the same for you
So you can feel alright
So they’re sewing you a rainbow,
Weaving ribbons through the sky
So they can let you know
That life is good beyond goodbye
So next time it is raining
And the sun appears as well
Just feel and look and listen
To what they are trying to tell
They’re telling you it’s spring there
With its showers and its sun
Where there are endless fields for them
To play and stretch and run
They’re telling you they sleep upon
The biggest, softest beds
That they have stitched from all the clouds
That float above your head
They’re telling you they’re not alone
For there are many others
And they’ve been reunited
With their parents, sisters, brothers
They’re showing you their rainbow
So you know they won’t forget you
And to tell you they will always be
So happy that they met you
And they’re telling you they love you
And though they’ll be dearly missed,
Not to worry, ‘cause it’s beautiful
Beyond the rainbow bridge

Sending love and compassion to anyone who is missing a beloved pet today – and every day