Meme/Image “People, OMG What’s Happening”

May 8, 2024

Cheers to those who never fell for all the Propganda, Brainwashing, Division and Segregation, perpetuated by the Governments, Pathetic Medical Establishment, Corporations, Globalists, Pharmaceutical & Vaccine Manufacturers…..
Sadly, there are many still with their heads buried deep in the sand, which I no longer feel sorry for. There is enough information out there now, which was not there, before getting any Population Control Jab. You just have to shake your head at sooo many who claimed they were informed. FYI, you are only fooling yourselves.
Much more coming our way. Stay true to yourselves, as the Man Made Covid 19 Plandemic was just a dress rehearsal which soooo many proudly pounded they’re chests in support of all the mandates, only to now, watch loved ones leave this World on a daily basis. Not sure how sooo many sleep at night ???
Ignorance is a choice and no longer an excuse !!!