Meme/Image “Corruption Of Corporations & Governments”

Apr 5, 2024

Wealth of top 1% in 2020: $30 trillion

Wealth of top 1% now: $44.6 trillion

That’s an increase of nearly 50%.

I don’t care if the Wealthy don’t Pay Income Tax….. I do care that Corporations and Governments constantly Mislead Society, while Corporations continue to get Wealthier and Politicians continue to get Pay Raises !!!
Corporations and Polititians…. They are literally the richest they have ever been !!!

I don’t vote Federally/Provincially as we do not live in a Democracy…. We live in the Illusion of a Democracy…..

Question: Why can’t Canadian Taxpayers remove misguided politicians from office during their term?

Answer: Simple, we do not have recall legislation enacted at all levels of government in Canada. If we did, rather than wait until the end of a misguided elected representatives term, wherein they cause incredible damage to our country as they trundle forward with zero accountability for their actions or
anti-electorate policy decisions (like a carbon tax for example), we would be able to remove them from office at any point during their term.

Vote only for those politicians who support recall legislation, if they don’t it is a clear indicator that they do not have your best interests at heart. It’s time for we the people to keep our elected representatives on a much shorter leash. If we’ve learned one thing over the past few years they have proven they cannot be trusted and require constant course correction.