Article “The Wizard Of Oz – Did You Know”

May 23, 2024

Did you know…..

The Wizard of Oz…This is very interesting…????

The Straw Man represents that fictional ALL CAPS legal fiction —The PERSON. He wanted a brain but got a Certificate — The Birth Certificate.

The Tin Man — The TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number). He was a robotic avatar, who worked tirelessly until his body literally froze up & stopped functioning. The heartless & emotionless robot creature who worked himself to death because he had no heart or soul.

The Cowardly Lion was a bully, but was actually a true coward when someone stood up to him, like most bullies. He lacked true courage and in the end, the Wizard gave him an Official Recognition Award — Authority & Status.

The Wizard of Oz used magic, smoke, flames & holograms, but all of it were tricks & illusions to push fear & compliance to make people do what he commanded. The truth is the Wizard has NO real power & only used illusions to create false power & authority.

The Wicked Witch pushed fear through intimidation. She was after Toto and controlled the flying monkey police, the policy enforcers, the mischievous demons, which also represents the BAR Association who attack & control all the little people for the Great Crown Wizard, the crooked Bankers of Oz, obsessed with gold.

In the field of poppies, they were not REAL humans, so drugs had no effect on them, but Dorothy was drugged.

The Wizard of Oz was written at the time when Rockefeller & the Big Pharma began to take over medicine & education.

The Crown was actually the largest drug dealer & after their take-over of drug distribution in China, they began to expand all around the world.

Toto was what the Wicked Witch was really after. Toto in Latin means “in total”. Toto exposed the Wizard of Oz and had no fear, despite being very small compared to the Great Wizard, so no one noticed him.

Toto pulled the curtain on the Wizard & his magical scams.
‘Curtain’ also means the End of an Act or scene! He pulled the curtain & started barking until others paid attention, hypothetically giving everyone the “Red Pill”.

The curtain hid the corporate legal fiction & its false courts.

So, no matter how small your bark is, it can be heard!