Image – “The Hypocrites of Remembrance Day”

Nov 3, 2023

This Post is going to bother many and I don’t give a Rats Ass !!!
Maybe People will finally Wake Up !!!
Please don’t wear a Poppy or celebrate Remembrance Day if you followed and complied to all the corrupt Man Made Covid 19 Pandemic Mandates. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t throw away your Rights & Freedoms on a daily basis, then celebrate those who fought and died for those same Rights and Freedoms. Our Fallen Soldiers are turning over in their graves every Remembrance Day, from this day forward.
Just some “Food For Fought”.
Not interested in comments from any of Ya’s….. I will respect you All if you wear a Poppy with “I’m Sorry” on it, like that will ever happen.
I will continue to wear a Poppy proudly, as I, like very few, fight for My Rights and Freedoms everyday, only to get chastised and ridiculed by Hypocrites !!!
As You were….