Image “No Cash At RBC Alberta”

Apr 30, 2024

I just shake my head at all those who don’t believe this is coming ??? It’s already here, most are just too blind to see, until it’s too late…..

Don’t think we’re heading to a cashless society?
Say things like “That’ll never happen here.” or “They can’t do that.”
Guess again. It’s happening right now. Here’s a picture of the front of an RBC branch right here in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. (The sign on the door says “Cash at ATM Only”)
Two customers who’ve gone in to get cash, and been either told they can’t have it? or that the branch is cashless. (what does a bank do if it doesn’t deal in cash?)
If you think your cash is safe in a bank, you might want to pay close attention to what’s going on.