Article – “Welcome Home”

Dec 26, 2023

It is early morning. Christmas is done, once again.
All is quiet. So quiet you can hear people’s hearts sigh.
Some sighs are because of gratitude.
And more about contentment for being with those we love.
Others of pain.
Others are alone.
I carry you all in my heart.
And I include every person here in my Prayers..
I pray for Love, Joy and everlasting gratitude,
I pray for your Families, your Loved Ones and especially for You.
I pray that you be blessed. In all areas of your life. In abundance.
I pray that God keeps you in His hand – safe and warm.
I wish that we will fondly remember those who have passed. Bless their hearts.
And now, may you have and keep kindness in your heart by doing something good for someone that can never repay you..
God bless,