Article “The Cattle Cars Are Coming”

Apr 14, 2024

“Dear America,
Do not worry in these challenging times. The government is on top of this and have nothing but your best interests in mind.
The Tuskegee “Guinea Pigs”

“So many ignorant people pretending this isn’t happening. FEMA owns the country now. And sleeping cowards are complying to help them take it. The people you call friends will help put this country down and call you the problem while they do it. It’s already started. Most are simply not ready to accept it. The surgical masks let them know who’s compliant with the NWO. If you wear a mask, you are harmless to them. You will fall for any propaganda they feed and therefore pose no risk. FEMA likes doctors that speak out about the truth of Covid-19. It shows them who’s truly committed to the new ranch despite the truth. And if you don’t wear a mask, you’re considered a heathen and will need to be put down or gelded with a vaccine. These are the new rancher’s rules. They know some of us won’t be following them. They are banking on us being a minority”-from a reader…

Imagine, the Government just took all your freedoms. And they have no right under a constitution. So guess that should tell you; they got rid of that a long time ago. You are no more than a slave to them.- from another reader…

“The enemy of any government is it’s own citizens”-Leo Tolstoy

When tyranny arises, it ALWAYS comes in the guise of “public safety.

Unless you want to live out your life in a technological hell on earth, then NOW is the time to act…
Unless of course you are quite okay with a corporatocracy run by Bill Gates and the Bayer Monsanto group is your masochistic fantasy…

And if you still use the term “conspiracy theory”, then your cognitive dissonance is terminal…-Gary Williams