Article “Tax Farm Slave”

Mar 26, 2024

You are not free, you are a slave on a tax farm…the move to a consumer based economy has only disconnected us even further from truth and freedom…the fact of the matter is this, you have to pay your master for permission to open a business, you have to pay your master for permission to build a shed on your own property, your master can tell you what you can or cannot do on your own property (zoning laws), you have to pay your master fopr permission to own a dog (if you do not, then they send out armed thugs to take your dog and gas it), you have to pay your master for permission to get married, you have to pay taxes on what you earn, then you have to pay tax on what you spend out of what you have left, then you have to pay property tax on what you bought, and if ytou later sell it, then you must pay capital gains tax…you really have no clue as to just how much tax they collect off of you indirectly…I took a class in advanced taxation while working toward a masters degree back in the mid eighties at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte…we took a loaf aof bread and factored out all the different taxes involved in the production of the loaf of bread, starting with the real estaate tax that the farmer pays of the land where he grows the wheat all the way through to the sales tax the grocery store collects on the finished loaf…it turns ourt that 83% of the cost of the loaf of bread is actually tax…the government tells you what you can or cannot put into your own body, what you can grow in your front yard, how high your grass can be…it is unbelievable the amount of control the government has over you, enforced by violence or the threat of violence…and don’t make me laugh with any of that “republic” bullcrap, we were once a republic with very limited government and a good measure of real freedom, but today we are a corporate oligarchy approaching a full corporate/fascist totalitarian state…-Gary Williams