Article – “Some Things To Ponder”

Nov 11, 2023

Just some things to ponder ???? ????

What is an Egyptian pyramid doing on a US dollar bill?

Why have 56 countries signed a treaty to not venture into Antarctica?

Why do planes never fly over Antarctica?

How is it that the moon is the perfect distance and position to cover the sun PERFECTLY and EQUIDISTANTLY during an eclipse, instead of too small or big or off to one side?

How did NASA ‘lose’ the moon landing footage? Arguably one of the most advanced agencies AND one of the most important moments for mankind?

If Neil Armstrong was first on the moon, who held the camera?

Why haven’t we been to the moon since 1969-1972?

Why do official NASA images show images of the Earth with different sized and grossly disproportionate continents year to year?

If apes evolved into people, why are apes still apes?

How is there 95% ‘junk’ DNA? Who decided it’s actually ‘junk’?

How were giant, symmetrical, detailed, sacred geometrically sound structures like cathedrals and parliament buildings created by people who lived in wooden shacks, rode horse-drawn carts and didn’t have any machinery, or lasers?

Why is this same predeluvian architecture found all over the world?

Why are there spaceships depicted on ancient Egyptian art?

Why do we have to pay to LIVE on a planet we were BORN on?

Why are there images of mushrooms all over ancient Christian art?

Why do popes dress like giant amanita muscaria mushrooms? ????

How is it cheaper to buy fast food made from rearing, feeding and housing a cow than to buy natural fruit and veg?

Why do ancient Egyptian artworks depict pinecones and is it a coincidence that the pineal gland also looks like a pinecone?

Why are there depictions of dragons all over the world across different cultures, thousands of years apart?

Why are the giant flat topped mountains in the world consistent with the geometry of giant petrified trees?

Why is there so much overtly demonic symbolism in the music and entertainment industry?

Why do pilots not have to adjust the nose cone of a plane to account for the curvature of the Earth?

Why do almost all video games revolve around killing??

Why are our names on official documents written in block capitals the same way they are on tomb stones and corporations?

How is it that movies and cartoons like the Simpsons are able to so accurately and precisely predict specific cultural events?

How do bush fires melt cars yet leave trees intact?

Where does taxpayer money go and does that make us complicit in any of its nefarious use?

Why is being ‘out of a job’ considered bad?

Why does the ‘office’ so closely resemble the ‘classroom’?

Why is poisoning ourselves regularly with alcohol considered ‘normal’ and euphemistically called ‘drinking’?

Why is alcohol depicted in almost every show and movie?

How do news anchors all over the world and on different channels say and repeat the same exact script verbatim?

If we are more advanced than we’ve EVER been and more knowledgeable, why do we have the highest rates of obesity, cancer and heart issues not to mention depression?

Some people accept the answers they’ve been fed. I feel the true answers surface when we begin asking better questions.

Written ✍???? by Tariq EQ Amawi