Article – “Man Made Covid 19 Pandemic, Scam of the Century”

Nov 27, 2023

Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and feelings regarding the Covid 19 Pandemic, just have some facts….

Just to be clear, I don’t live a Life of Fear. I do fight for Our Rights & Freedoms on a daily basis, while Others are quite content to easily hand them away, due to Fear and Propaganda.

From day 1, I have called this a Man Made Pandemic, being used to enforce an Agenda that has been in the plans for decades, by the Globalist. You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to figure it out, You just need to be awake and willing to ask questions. Most will take the easy route and chastise and ridicule those that think this way, as it is more convenient then actually researching for themselves.

  1. Do I believe people are sick? Yes.
  2. Do I believe people are dying? Yes.
  3. Do I believe these deaths are sad? Yes.

The above are answers for all sickness and deaths that are not getting the Media exposure, not just Covid 19. Mental Health, Addictions, Suicide, Unemployment, People losing their Businesses and Thousands of Children throughout the World, who die of Starvation on a daily basis. Society is Crickets to the above because it’s not what the Governments and the Main Stream Media are telling you to be concerned with and I can assure you, these challenges will far outweigh that of Covid 19, as it already is. Don’t even get me started on the huge rise in Cancer with all the Chemical Hand Sanitizers being bought and distributed !!!

  1. Do I believe nurses and healthcare workers are terrified? Yes.
  2. Do I also believe we are being lied to about a lot? Yes.
  3. Do I believe they’re lying about the numbers? Yes.
  4. Do I believe REFUSAL of this vaccine is EVERYONES right? Yes.
  5. Do I also believe the media is spinning this? Yes.
  6. Do I believe this is political? Yes
  7. Do I believe this is to strip people of more rights? Yes.
  8. Do I believe there’s a bigger picture? Yes.
  9. Do I believe this is more about control than anything else? Yes.
  10. Do I believe we just set the most dangerous precedent for our freedom ever in the history of the world? Yes…. And I am 1 million times more bothered and concerned of that, than I could be of any virus.

I won’t discount your fear even if I find it misguided or irrational…. Please don’t discount my thoughts and concerns because of the same reasons. No…. I will not stop talking about it just because you don’t like my thoughts…. The difference between Myself and others, is that I look at all angles of an issue and I am not easily guided, or allow the Propaganda and Fear Mongering from Corrupt Politicians and Main Stream Media Outlets, to dictate how I live My Life. It’s a choice, more importantly, Your Right to stand up, to ask questions pertaining to Your everyday existence. It’s also a choice and Your Right, to sit back and do absolutely nothing, then wonder what the hell just happened !!!
Just some Food for Thought
Your Friend Bud