Article – “Liberal Government To Be Most Transparent, That Was A Lie”

Oct 23, 2023

Larry Brock

Michael Barrett and I released the following statement on the Liberal-NDP government shutting down testimony from the RCMP:

“Justin Trudeau is guilty of breaking Canada’s ethics laws by protecting a corrupt, politically connected company by firing his first indigenous Attorney General, as she would not bend to the Prime Minister’s orchestrated campaign of political pressure.

“Last week, Canadians discovered that the RCMP were unable to pursue a criminal investigation because the prime minister refused to provide them the information they needed. The RCMP asked the prime minister to be transparent, but the prime minister refused to hand over documents, or let individuals who were involved in the affair testify.

“The former Ethics Commissioner’s Trudeau II Report indicated that many witnesses said they had relevant evidence to offer but were constrained by limitations put in place by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The exact same tactics blocked the RCMP from probing the possibility of criminal charges relating to Trudeau’s orchestrated and systematic campaign to pressure Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould to over-rule the independent Public Prosecution Service and offer SNC a deferred prosecution agreement.

“Now, the Liberal-NDP coalition are censoring the RCMP by shutting down their testimony in committee. They are doing whatever it takes to protect the Prime Minister from potential criminal charges.

“Common sense Conservatives will continue to hold the Liberal-NDP government accountable. Canadians deserve transparency and have a right to know if the prime minister broke the law.”