Article “ Legal Doesn’t Mean Right”

Mar 13, 2024

Justice against what’s wrong doesn’t come when we corrupt reality, truth or morality. When we create falsity through false authority, injustice reigns.

Those of us who have less conditioning — who don’t obey the chain of authority; who have less attachment to falsity — recognize that the so-called “authorities” in our way of life are stupid and idiotic in their actions. We have truer, higher and realer conscious awareness and self-development making us more authentic and capable of recognizing the authority of truth — of what is right, good, true and moral. The “authorities” and their supporters are falser, lower, and unrealer selves; unaware and unconsciously living, doing wrongs as though they were right; or transforming what’s right into a wrong.

➝ Right = Correct = True = Moral = Natural Law = No harm done = Good

➝ Wrong = Incorrect = False = Immoral = not Natural Law = Harm done = Evil