Article – “If There Was Ever A Time”

Nov 11, 2023

“If there was ever a time for ‘progressives’ to show an understanding that Western values are under assault, this would be it. Instead, the left has chosen a mix of surrender and outright cooperation with one of the most regressive ideologies on Earth.
For many years, the left has been loud and pervasive across the West, with endless exhortations that they are the defenders of Women’s rights, defenders of the LGBT community, and defenders of vulnerable minorities.

They said this over and over and over again.

And so, one would expect that – with radical Islamist extremists openly calling for genocide against Jewish People, openly seeking to boycott Jewish businesses, attempting to normalize vile anti-Semitism, and seeking to intimidate the majority of Canadians into silence – that the left would take a strong stand.

After all, if there is one ideology that is guaranteed to destroy everything the left claims to value, it would be radical Islamism.

Islamist nations are massively hostile to Women’s rights, massively hostile to LGBT individuals, and oppress religious minorities – as well as the non-religious – to such a significant degree that many are forced to flee or hide their real religious views or lack thereof.

The fact that this even has to be said is appalling, but much of the left seems unaware of it. It takes two minutes to look at the state of Women’s rights, LGBT rights, and Religious rights around the world and realize that Israel is the only country there where those rights are defended.

Why would the left want Canada to turn into the kind of country that left-wing people would be forced to desperately flee?

This has led to a deeply ironic situation.

It’s Conservatives who are most likely to stand up against radical Islamists, and thus most likely to ensure Canada remains the kind of country that left-wing people can actually survive in.

And this leads to a deeper revelation:

The left has been exposed as a total fraud.

There is no way around this realization.

At the most crucial possible moment, a moment when hateful anti-Semites are emboldened and when radical Islamists are chanting horrific slogans in the streets, the left has completely surrendered.

We are literally seeing the ‘Again’ people talk about when we say ‘Never Again,’ and the left – after all their screaming about how they were ‘anti-fascists’ and fighting against ‘Nazis’, are the ones surrendering to anti-Semitism and in many cases are the anti-Semites themselves.

The left is showing they are just fine surrendering Canada to radical Islamists who want to destroy Women’s rights, oppress LGBT People, and impose one religious doctrine upon the entire populace.

And so, the next time the left criticizes a centre-right politician on any issue of rights, and the next time the left claims to support minority rights, they should be completely dismissed out of hand.

For example, you would think that someone like former Global News journalist Rachel Gilmore would be pretty concerned with the rise of a hyper anti-Woman ideology. But rather than focusing on the danger of radical Islamism, Gilmore is policing Anaida Poilievre’s Twitter follows.

If we look at this moment as a moral test, the test for the left was to prove they actually believed what they claimed to believe. It’s a test they have failed as badly as they possibly could have.”

Spencer Fernando