Article “Horrifying & Heartbreaking”

Mar 10, 2024

From a friend…

Horrifying and heartbreaking. Written by a friend who’s not a Russian troll responsible for the measles outbreak.

‘You take your perfectly healthy child to the doctor. Doctor does a full health and developmental screening, congratulates you on your healthy child, gives five vaccines and sends you home.
The next morning your child awakes with a fever, full body rash, and rancid diarrhea. He’s screaming in a high pitch you’ve never heard before, and banging his head on the wall or floor. You rush him back to the doctor, who diagnoses a “stomach bug”. Probably picked up something in the office yesterday. Tells you to keep him hydrated. The rash is probably because you bathe him too often. You receive a reminder not to dry out his skin.
Days go by and nothing changes. You go back to the doctor. He smiles and says all moms are worrywarts. Keep giving Tylenol for the fever and push fluids.
The fever and rash finally begin to subside, but your child continues to have this sour, rancid diarrhea. Your child’s behavior is drastically different too. He doesn’t talk anymore, and can’t walk normally. He doesn’t seem to recognize his name, and he can’t do things that were once easy for him. He mostly cries, stares off into space, rocks and flaps his hands.
The doctor tells you that “loose stools” are normal for toddlers. He ignores your insistence that you’ve never seen or smelled anything like this before.
He does seem concerned about the developmental changes, and advises you to come back in about six months if your child continues this way. Six months.
You come back in six months with a child who still isn’t talking anymore, still can’t walk normally, and seems undeniably changed from the way he was before that first doctor appointment. Doctor sends you to a developmental specialist who diagnoses your child with autism. The prognosis is severe lifelong disability.
You ask if it could be the vaccines, and they chuckle at you. “No, we don’t know what causes it, but it’s not vaccines”
You insist he was totally healthy before, and this all happened when he got so sick that time. “Unrelated”, they tell you. Autism isn’t a medical disorder. It’s psychological. Some people are just born that way. Quit trying to blame things. You probably just didn’t notice he was born this way.
But your child wasn’t born that way. And it sure seemed medical to you… But no one will do a single medical test of any kind.
Now Karen and Nancy with the PTA are complaining about the four “unvaccinated’ children in school. Your child is one, his younger brother is another. They want the government to force you to vaccinate your kids, even though you’re terrified of this happening again and still do not have answers about what happened to your older son… Because Karen and Nancy saw a news report about nine kids in another state having measles and they’re panicked.
No one gives a shit about you, your sons, or reality. They just listen to their propaganda and try to pass laws against thousands of families like yours.
The strain of caring for your son tore your marriage apart, your friends abandoned you, and you’re barely scraping by on part time income and a tiny SSI check each month. Now you might have to quit your job, since they’re threatening to kick your children out of school.
You did vaccinate. You sacrificed your child to “protect the herd”. And this is how the herd thanks you.’

I have shared numerous horror stories on this page about vaccinations… vaccines are not meant to prevent disease but meant to introduce you into a lifetime of control through a healthcare and pain management system… the vaccination system is also way of introducing dangerous neurotoxins like Mercury and aluminum into your brain what’s the objective of comparing your ability to think critically and logically.. I’m not a paid troll and I’m under no one enchantment… and if you actually believe this nonsense about the anti-vaccination movement being funded by the Russians and being a Russian Black Op then you’re beyond help please get off the page… Gary Williams