Article – “Harper Not A Canadian Farmer Fan”

Dec 5, 2023

December 2014

WTF!!! Harper conservative government is Giving away Canadian Wheat Board’s $250-$300 million dollar assets for (FREE) to a Foreign multinational corporation instead of selling it back to Canadian farmers?? >> -SHARE!

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“Farmers of North America (based in Saskatoon, Canada) recently offered to buy the Canadian Wheat Board … The Harper Conservatives rejected the offer. They did not give a reason. They just said ‘no’. Now, we hear the minister will hand over the Wheat Board’s assets to the private sector (ADM -Archer Daniel Midlands..which has ties to Monsanto) for a grand total — get this — of zero.”

“Let’s see if I understand the Harper Conservatives’ business plan for the Canadian Wheat Board. First you take the largest and most successful grain marketing company in the world and then you give it away free of charge to an American agrifood giant who until recently was your greatest competitor,” MP Pat Martin said

“Why would the Harper conservatives give away these assets free to multinational corporations instead of simply selling it to Canadian farmers?” MP Malcolm Allen asked.

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“The Conservative government is offering to give Canada’s precious wheat genetics to private non-government corporations with the formidable resources already in place to carry on wheat breeding. It does not take a genius to see that only the giant multi-national agro-chemical seed companies have the necessary resources. Or to see that Minister Ritz is doing an end-run around the newly created farmer-funded wheat and barley commissions which, given time, could have developed the resources to carry on this work. Ritz is also shutting out the long standing and very experienced farmer-funded Western Grains Research Foundation.” via Canadian What Board Alliance >>

“Under a sort of reverse-nationalization plan now taking shape behind closed doors, a private-sector investor will assume control of The Canadian Wheat Board without reimbursing the federal treasury for assets Canadian tax payers paid for, or at least indirectly financed.”-CBC News >>

“During question period, MP Pat Martin stood up hoping Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz might shed some light on rumours the CWB and the Harper government are close to finalizing negotiations with Chicago-based Archer Daniels Midland to acquire the CWB. The expected deal is an unusual one that would see ADM keep the money it would have spent on the CWB and use it instead to invest back into the company.” -WinnipegFreePress >>

“Playing by Conservative rules, a 3,000-member farmers’ consortium called Farmers of North America put together a bid to buy the Board and all its assets (grain elevators, rail lines, ships, offices, and other such stuff).

The 3,000 farmers offered somewhere between $250 and $350 million for the Board. On the face of it and based on estimated evaluations of the Board’s value, that offer seems like a good price for Canadian taxpayers, who own at least some of the Board’s assets. And the consortium would keep ownership of the Board’s assets in Canada, which prairie farmers and the Harper government would consider to be something of a virtue, one might think.

The current Wheat Board’s Conservative government-appointed board of directors rejected the offer, however, without giving any reason — at least not publicly. Now, there are persistent rumours that the Conservatives plan to simply transfer ownership of the Board, and all its grain handling equipment, to U.S. mega-corporation (ADM) Archer Daniel Midlands, for a price of — wait for it — $0.00. >> via Rabble news

and guess what (ADM) is partnered with Monsanto, is it all making sense now?,,,

(“Whether CWB is performing well post-monopoly is hard to tell. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has not released any financial statements since 2011-12. If the first two crop years were strong, wouldn’t Conservative politicians want to sing it from the rafters?) -CBC >

Buyers of Canadian wheat say quality lower than during board’s monopoly

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Research by Derek Soberall @ Occupy Canada