Article “Create The Crisis, Then To The Rescue”

Mar 6, 2024


IF YOU do not know who Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is, or if you do not understand his “dialectic” method of manipulation of the masses, then you really should not vote, and you really have nothing to say in any political discussion…

One of the most evil men in history…Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, whose “dialectic” method of manipulation has been used for over two hundred years to manipulate the masses of humanity…it was used successfully by such men as Hitler, Stalin and Mao, it has also been used quite successfully here by our politicians and owners…what we are witnessing in this country today is a textbook case of the dialectic method…as I said before the elections, the two candidates were selected based solely on their ability to polarize the already fractured population…regardless of who won, the result would be the same…massive protests, which would then be used to turn public opinion against the first amendment right…NOW THE MASSES OF PEOPLE ARE CLAMORING FOR THERE RIGHT TO BE TAKEN AWAY…do I agree with the protesters? no…and I think that the methods are silly, and it is hard to take people seriously when they act like silly ninnies, but I do absolutely support their right to protest and so should you…but unfortunately we are witnessing the destruction of the bill of rights by our own people, clamoring for “state protection”…and of course, speaking up for freedom and the rights of the individual will get you called names and hated…liberals call me a fascist and a teabagger…neocons call me a libtard and a communist…smdh…BUT I DO NOT CONSENT, I WILL NOT COMPLY, I WILL NOT GO AWAY, AND I WILL NOT BE SILENCED…I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness……..-Gary Williams