Article “Chemically Induced Autism”

Feb 19, 2024


This post cites proven healthcare problems from acetaminophen, Tylenol product recalls and deaths, and a listing of other products containing acetaminophen.

Acetaminophen prevents the liver from detoxifying by blocking glutathione production. Glutathione is needed to take toxins out of our blood, livers, and kidneys. Considering unsafe production practices, Tylenol may be the most dangerous over the counter medication today. Throw Toxic Tylenol in the garbage where it belongs.

“When your child gets a fever, he produces more white blood cells.

These white blood cells are part of his immune system and they kill off the virus or bacteria that is making him sick. If you suppress a fever with medication, you are actually limiting your child’s ability to fight the infection…In animal experiments, if sick animals are allowed to have a fever, they have an increased survival rate compared with animals who had their fever suppressed, so I always welcomed my children’s (rare) fevers as a sign their immune system was working correctly.” AND

Tylenol (Acetaminophen) depletes Glutathione (necessary for removal of mercury)

What Every User of Acetaminophen Needs to Know

by Dr. Laura Markhum

Most parents think of Tylenol as a wonder drug — harmless, readily available, and a miraculous cure for teething fussiness, ear infection pain, fevers and other childhood maladies. But when an old friend’s son died recently from tylenol poisoning, I did some research. Call me naive, but I was shocked by what I learned.

Apparently, Tylenol/Acetaminophen is toxic to the human body. It causes liver poisoning. The analgesic effects derive from the liver’s attempt to fight the tylenol by releasing enzymes to break it down. A liver that is not healthy or that is overwhelmed by other toxins (such as alcohol), or that has not been sufficiently fueled by food intake, can become overwhelmed and fail, leaving the poison in the body to cause organ damage and death.

The danger is that there isn’t much difference between a safe, effective dose, and a toxic dose. Just a doubling of the maximum daily dose can be enough to kill, warns Dr. Anne Larson of the University of Washington Medical Center. The other problem is that if you have no food in your stomach, or if you have alcohol in your system, or worse yet, both, (not relevant for your kids unless they’re teenagers, but think about that tylenol you took for your hangover last month), the regular dosage can be toxic because of the overload to the liver.

Acetaminophen (the active ingredient in tylenol) accounts for 100,000 calls to poison control centers, 56,000 emergency room visits, 26,000 hospitalizations, and 450 deaths annually.

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that even at recommended doses, acetaminophen can cause organ damage.

Glutathione, Tylenol, Vaccine Adverse Reactions, and ASD

When a child has an adverse reaction to vaccines, doctors and pediatricians tell parents to give the child Tylenol, correct? Tylenol can deplete glutathione necessary for detoxification, and especially in regard to the detoxification of substances such as vaccine aluminum adjuvants, and Thimerosal.

Multiple vaccines can clearly have a load of and a variety of ingredient toxicity, no matter how much mainstream wants to ignore and or deny it. Fever is actually necessary for the child to recover from pathogen created illness and or immune challenge, even be it vaccine induced. Vaccine contamination known and unknown is as well an issue; and indeed both the CDC and the FDA are aware of it.

The issues of vaccine contamination such as has been known in regard to the SV40 contaminant in the late 50’s early 60’s polio vaccine. Eradication of that type of contamination in regard to even the more modern day vaccine step process of so called purification, has as of yet never resolved such problems, nor the risk of them. There is no way to keep up the vaccines, based on the foreign substances they are grown from and derived from.

Study: Evidence that Acetaminophen, Especially in Conjunction with Vaccines, is a Major Cause of Autism and Asthma

Study: Evidence that Acetaminophen, Especially in Conjunction with Vaccines, is a Major Cause of Autism and Asthma

Empirical Data Confirm Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure

Do You Make This Common Mistake When Your Child is Sick? (Use of Tylenol)

Fever Mismanagement Is Harming Our Children

Fever Mismanagement Is Harming Our Children

“No one is happy when their children are not feeling well. But there’s one symptom that has long had a bad reputation…which is finally starting to change…fever”

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