Article – “Canada Most Sued Nation Under NAFTA”

Oct 15, 2023

Some Canadians are upset that corporations pay almost nothing for Canada’s fresh water and then sell it back to us at about a million % profit.

Under NAFTA, Canada is being sued for $10.5 Billion because BC tried acting to protect our water.

TPP is more of the same, but even worse. Canada is already the most sued nation under NAFTA, but at least NAFTA has an escape clause, and Canada could (and should) pull out of the deal for reasons just like this. It would take six months to extricate ourselves. That’s not the case with the FIPPA deal with China, which has a fifteen year extraction process after which any companies already doing business here at the time get the protections of the agreement for another fifteen years on top of it. The TPP, however, has no escape clause. At all. Once we sign it, there is no legal framework to leave the TPP when we realize how much it costs our sovereignty.