Article – “German Wide Action Day”

Jan 7, 2024

Christine Anderson


Dear fellow citizens, Tomorrow, January the 8th, 2024, the time has come. The nation is finally and literally fed up. Starting in the early morning hours, large protests will take place across Germany, which I assume will paralyze large parts of our country. Originally planned and prepared by our farmers, they are now receiving enormous support and encouragement from numerous other professional groups as well as private initiatives. A great momentum of maximum solidarity has emerged. The anger of the citizens is directed against the disastrous policies of the current government, but also against its former midwife, the CDU, which is today’s sham opposition under its leader Friedrich-„BlackRock“-Merz who is continuing the old and notorious globalist Merkel course. The people have understood that, as in the Middle Ages, they are being squeezed dry and driven to ruin by an irresponsible political negative-elite. On January 8th, 2024, we will therefore see what happens when the pillars of this state no longer humbly bow their heads and let everything happen to them, but instead put the authoritarian policies of the old parties – which are directed against their own citizens – in their place. Therefore, I will of course also be present on January 8th to support the protests. Specifically, I will be helping my Hessian AfD regional association with its “Action 2024”, which will be present on the streets throughout the whole state of Hesse on this day with numerous AfD information stands on the edge of the demonstration routes. For us as the AfD, it is important to support the protests of our farmers and all other national service providers in the long term. We do this by two means: On the one hand, we strengthen the movement directly on the streets by being on site with information stands and banner campaigns parallel to the demonstrations, but without attracting attention within the rallies with our own party symbolism. The protests are planned by outstanding organizers and activists outside the political sphere and are far more effective when they are not tinged with party politics. On the other hand, we are once again supporting the movement at parliamentary level with corresponding motions and legislative initiatives in the federal and state parliaments. In 2022, for example, our parliamentary group in the German Bundestag had already called not only for the agricultural diesel refund to be maintained, but even temporarily to be doubled. Just six months ago, we applied for a nationwide farm ownership bonus for young farmers, among other things, in order to counteract the decline of farms (printed matter 20/7579). Of course, these proposals and many others were rejected by the old parties. The street and politics must work hand in hand. This approach already led to success during the corona coercive measures crisis. While our members and elected representatives regularly took part in the Monday demonstrations “in civilian clothes”, it was ultimately only the AfD MPs in parliament who offered political resistance. This joint alliance between the citizens’ protests on the streets and our supportive work in the parliaments ultimately brought the resistance victory over the false narratives. As a determined fighter for freedom and self-determination, I will therefore be attending again on January 8th and supporting the peaceful protests. It would be great if you – dear readers – could also take part in tomorrow’s day of action in order to strengthen the local protest campaigns with your participation. I am looking forward to the peaceful and democratic protest against our authoritarian wealth destroying government and its sham opposition (CDU). Let’s show them where the rubber meets the road! See you on the streets tomorrow! Kind regards, Yours, Christine Anderson, MEP (#AfD)