Article/Videos “No Respect”

Mar 7, 2024

Canada’s so called ‘Minister of Justice’ conservative MP Peter MacKay throws down reports on missing and murdered indigenous women in parliament. No respect for the dead and missing, no respect for the grieving families, no respect for human life, no respect for women, no respect for the responsibilities of government. SHARE this immediately if you are disgusted by this !

WATCH THIS VIDEO: ‘Minister of Justice’ Peter MacKay throws down documents of Missing and Murdered Women

“Justice Minister Peter MacKay caught throwing papers on the Commons floor. MacKay asked for unanimous consent to table dozens of documents in the Commons that show the action Conservatives have taken to combat violence against women”

Peter MacKay rejects inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women

Peter MacKay apologizes for throwing documents on murdered, missing Aboriginal women

March 7, 2014- Canada: Parliament Panel Fails Indigenous Women Ignores Need for National Inquiry into Violence

March 7, 2014- Amnesty International: Parliamentary Committee report fails Aboriginal women and girls and all Canadians

March 07, 2014 -Idle No More denounces the Conservative government’s report on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada, released today. A commitment to a national inquiry and a national action strategy, which have been called for repeatedly, are blatantly absent from the report.

If you want to do something other then sign a petition, we suggest you call or email Peter MacKay and give him a piece of your mind. 613-992-6022 Tell him you support a National Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Women in Canada!

Take action, contact your MP them know you are disgusted by this act of disrespect by letter, email, or phone: by contacting your MP here:

Grandmothers and mothers from ‘Occupy Our Hearts’ Join Mohawks in Tyendinaga territory calling for National Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Women in Canada VIDEO:

Mohawk community initiates blockade in attempt to force the Harper conservatives to call missing-murdered women probe

Pressure mounts for Harper to Call inquiry into missing and murdered women

Why Is Stephen Harper Ignoring the Push to Investigate Missing and murdered Aboriginal Women? -Vice

First Nation Chiefs slam Harper on murdered Indigenous women, support growing for direct action

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has brushed off renewed calls for a national public inquiry into missing and murdered women

VIDEO: Harper government says no to inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women

Stephen Harper is wrong to dismiss the premiers’ call for a public inquiry into the hundreds of missing and murdered aboriginal women. -Toronto Star

Human Rights Watch: Harper’s Comments Ignore Victims’ Fear of Reprisal

Rights group slams Harper for telling Aboriginal women to ‘get on and do it ‘ with reporting alleged abuse by RCMP to Police

N.S. lawmakers unite in call for inquiry into missing and murdered women

Ontario Regional Chief stands with women’s association in calling for a National Inquiry after latest murder of an indigenous woman

All of Canada’s premiers have called for a public inquiry on missing and murdered aboriginal women

*Harper Conservatives dismiss premiers’ call for national inquiry into missing aboriginal women

Human Rights Commission: Call national inquiry into murdered, missing Indigenous women

UN human rights official endorses call for Canadian inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women

Council of Canadians supports call for inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women

Why the Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Crisis is Greater Than You Realize

The killing of an indigenous woman in Canada has reignited demands for investigation into hundreds of missing or murdered First Nations women. Hundreds gathered Wednesday for a vigil outside the Canadian Parliament to mourn the death of 26-year-old Loretta Saunders, a University student researching violence against First Nations women for her University thesis, (She was also pregnant),

Murder of University student Loretta Saunders vigil draws hundreds to Parliament Hill

Updated database lists 825 murdered, missing native women in Canada

Indigenous Women in Canada Are Suffering a Murder Epidemic

Photo shared via National Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Women in Canada -D