The UnCommon Canadian

This site was first published many years ago in 2007, because of a Canadian Hockey Player and the final Post was in 2013.
7 years later, April 1, 2020, I decided to start posting again….

We are living in the so called, Corona Virus Pandemic, with a Global Shut Down of the Economy and more importantly, the loss of many lives.

This site is for those who want to look at alternative information the Main Stream Media is not sharing with You. I strongly urge you to do your own research as well. Please don’t get angry or frighten by what you see or research. Use the information to empower yourself and change your way of thinking.

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The Uncommon Canadian

I Do Not Choose to be a Common Man

“It is my right to be uncommon – if I can. I seek opportunity, not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk, to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed, to be empowered, not enslaved. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenge of life to a guaranteed existence, the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of Utopia. I will not trade freedom for beneficence, nor dignity for a handout. It is my heritage to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations and face the world boldly and say, with hope, honesty, integrity, the love of my family & friends and the grace of God, this I have done.”